NEREZ CIDLINA s.r.o. has been operating on the domestic and foreign market since 2004. Our specialization is custom manufacturing of stainless steel machinery and equipment for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Our products and services are made on the basis of negotiations with our clients, so that the equipment is made to customers' specifications - "turnkey."

Complete equipment for small breweries

This is our flagship product, which we supply all over the world, from the Czech Republic to Sweden, Russia, Venezuela, Korea and Vietnam. We offer our customers complete care - on-site installation, commissioning, reactive batch, brewmaster services, warranty and post-warranty service, supply of spare parts, provision of raw materials, etc. We approach each order individually, with a view to pleasant service and easy to ensure that the equipment meets the customer's needs and requirements. In order to stand out in the interior and to be not only machine, but also an attractive design element.

Microbreweries are designed for bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels - for anyone who wants to differentiate themselves and offer something more to their clients.

The production of the equipment itself can take place according to the documentation supplied by the customer, or we can develop our own production documentation and technological project, after determining the needs of each customer. This includes, for example, a survey of the future premises, processing requirements, design and operation of the technology. In the case of breweries, this is usually the required annual output and volume of one batch.

Although we are also introducing automation and robotics, the locksmith trade will always require humans. Each product is a little different, unique, and requires a creative human approach. Everything doesn't always follow a template, every project and customer is a little different, requiring many small changes, bringing new challenges to deal with. And that's what we're here for. We strive to meet the demands of today and keep the craft alive. Because craft holds the world together.

Quality control

Pressure vessels are manufactured in accordance with applicable PED / CSN standards and regulations under TÜV control and supplied with EC certificate.

Stainless steel is a highly stainless material that is ideal for the manufacture of various machines and equipment. In production we use stainless steel, for example, for pressure and non-pressure duplicator vessels and storage tanks, for heating and cooling whether milk or cheese, syrup or chocolate, and last but not least for beer production - brewhouses, cylindroconic tanks, CIP stations or other components of microbreweries. Thanks to the qualities of this material, all products made from it have a high durability and reliability.

Turnkey implementation

During the time of our activity we have completed hundreds of implementations of customized solutions. Here is just a list of some of them.
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Contact us with any questions

Our company has already provided quality products and services to many of our customers - will you join them?

If you are planning a custom project that you haven't found on our site and are considering a stainless steel steel, please contact us, we will be happy to discuss your needs with you and try to design a solution that will to suit you.

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