About us

Our company is named NEREZ CIDLINA s.r.o. and we have been active on the domestic and international market since 2004. We specialize in metalsmith production and the manufacture of stainless steel machinery and equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industry.

We work directly with our clients to prepare an optimal technological solution which includes technical documentation, the technology of production, and the manufacture itself of the machinery and equipment. We prepare every order to the specifications of each customer, and we can also provide professional supervision during the installation process.

Our primary focus of activity is the custom manufacture of "mini-breweries", and we have a wealth of experience in designing and installing them. We manufacture each mini-brewery precisely according to your needs and requirements to fulfill all technical criteria for quality and reliability. In addition to the brewery itself, we also provide professional training for operators, and we can even help you choose the best raw materials from suppliers. A professional approach in providing warranty and post-warranty service for the equipment we supply is a natural part of our services.

P< BODY> Our mini-breweries are designed for beer bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels which want to stand out from ordinary beer halls and offer their customers something special. We provide the opportunity to create a pleasant atmosphere with a remarkable work of technology which will give you the unmistakable taste of unpasteurized beer packed with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that just can't be resisted.

Our services

metalsmith manufacture

custom stainless steel production

machinery and equipment manufacture for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries

services for mini-breweries – design, production, and installation

optimum technological designs

professional operator training

warranty and post-warranty service for supplied equipment